Finished product

So we managed to finish our IoT-device, the weather lamp. Because we didn’t have a shade for the lamp we wrapped it up in toilet paper and put it in a plastic bag. Very professional.

Nonetheless the device works. It checks the temperature in Helsinki and changes its color depending on the results. We tested it with other cities too and it worked well.







Here are the components we used:

1x Arduino Uno R3

1x Breadboard

1x Keyes RGB LED

4x jumper cables

1x 180Ω resistor

The course was organized by Tero Karvinen and you can check it out here:

I made the lamp with Tomi Laakkonen

You can also get all the necessary code for the lamp here:

If you want to learn more about Arduino, you can also check out the book written by Tero over here:

-Oliver Lahti

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