Server management – Starting out with Salt

Alright, now that we’ve taken a comprehensive look at Linux-based servers, it’s time to start learning about server management. Manual labor is okay when you’re configuring and maintaining one or two servers at a time, but when you’re responsible for the maintenance of tens, hundreds or even thousands of machines, it’s inevitable for you to automate tasks. There are many ways to perform automation, but this time I’m focusing on Salt, or the SaltStack platform. Continue reading →

Basic virtual server configuration

This time I’m taking a look at how to use Apache on your own virtual server. I’ve already set up my own virtual server with Digital Ocean, but you can use any other service as well, there are loads of them. Be sure to compare the pricing and reviews when choosing your host!

As per usual I’m using my HP EliteBook 2570p as a local computer and SSH to connect to my virtual server hosted by Digital Ocean. I’m running Xubuntu 16.04.3 locally and Ubuntu 16.04.3 on my virtual server (1GB RAM).

This is an assignment for a Linux server course taught by Tero Karvinen. Continue reading →