Back in business, security focused!

For the past two years I’ve halted my writing in this blog to maintain my focus on work and school. However, I’ve been itching for a while now to get back to writing here. I started this blog initially as a part of a school assignment but I’ve found myself visioning different topics to write about, especially on the subject of cybersecurity. My daily work consists of cybersecurity and cloud related subjects so coming up with topics isn’t all that hard.

So, seeing as I’m rebooting my blog here, what will I be covering in the future? As I mentioned, security and the cloud are close to me from work and I consider both passions of mine. I mainly tend to focus on Microsoft technologies in my work which means I don’t have too much free time to keep myself up to date on other platforms. As I continously focus on Azure and Microsoft Threat Protection, these will be my main writing points:

  • Microsoft Threat Protection, including:
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security
    • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
    • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
    • Office Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure, including:
    • Azure Sentinel
    • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection
    • Azure Security Center

Those are just some of the topics I will be covering, others might include stuff like how to harden your Azure AD or maybe secure your resources in the cloud. Suggestions are always welcome as well so be sure to give a shout out if you have a good topic in mind!

My goal will be to blog about something at least once a week, although I’m sure the length of my postings will greatly vary based on how busy I am. Be sure to check back regularly for new updates. Until then, stay safe out there ūüôā


Git & Markdown

Here’s a quick look at using Git and Markdown. Git, in short, is a version control system that’s meant for handy tracking of changes and work coordination. Markdown¬†is a¬†markup language¬†with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to¬†HTML¬†and many other formats using a tool by the same name. In the following task, I’ll use both of these in a brief fashion.¬† Continue reading “Git & Markdown”

Server Management – Jinja basics

This time I’m taking a look at Jinja, a template engine for Python. I’m going to use it with YAML to write SaltSatck state files. I already have a minion and master setup but in case want to learn how to set them up by yourself, you can check out my earlier post. If you’re eager to learn more about Jinja, you should pay a visit to the Jinja site:¬†¬†¬† Continue reading “Server Management – Jinja basics”